Welcome to Springtide Gamefest and THANK YOU for volunteering to run a game at this event! Gamemasters are the backbone of ANY of our events and we sincerely appreciate you being willing to run your game with us. Below is the entry form for running your event.

NOTE: You do NOT need to get a badge in addition to filling out this form. We will create a badge for you in the system when we put your event into our scheduling system. 

    Player Experience Desired

    VTT Platform

    Please specify “other” in the comments below.

    Communication Platform

    If your communication platform is the same as your Virtual Table Top (VTT) platform, select “Same as VTT”. If you select OTHER, we will contact you regarding your platform.

    Game Start Time


    Game Duration


    1. You agree to the badgeholder terms of attendance and our harassments policy

    2. You understand that violating these terms could result in your permanent ban from future Praetor & Rift’s events

    3. You agree to run this game as described here. If any changes to the game must be communicated to the event hosts (Praetor & Rifts) 24 hours in advance

    4. You understand a “no show” for this event will result in a ban from future events and forfeiture of Gamemaster loot provided by the event organizers.

    Additional Comments