Welcome to the Menagerie!

Welcome to Praetor & Rift’s Astral Menagerie! P&R is a role-playing game company that specializes in virtual gaming events, video production, and convention management. If you’re looking for a partner who can help get your event, show, or production off the ground, please shoot us a note and we’ll see how we can help you grow your audience!

  • Improve Your Video Quality & Performance
  • Decrease the stress by letting us do the work in the background
  • Rely on our 20+ years in the movie and video industry
  • Increase you audience and reach!
  • Grow your bottom line and earn more $$ with our low fees


Tabletop Role-Playing Games and Accessories

Exciting Gaming Content and Gear! Amid the following scrolls and ancient maps, you’ll find some of the coolest and most exciting tabletop accessories available today! P&R has everything from dice to mugs, from dice vaults to 5th Edition adventures! Take a look at our catalog below and please email us with any question!

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