The Dance of the Pumpkin King


The town of Bertabour has been the Gateway to the Dreaming for hundreds of years. They have enjoyed a peaceful relationship with the fey of the woods there. Now Autumn has arrived and the once peaceful community has been overrun with terrors emerging from the forest! Plant-like creatures are everywhere, and killing everything in their path!

This chilling autumnal adventure is created for use with 5th Edition. It is intended to challenge characters of 9th to 11th level.

Inside you will find:

  • 8 New Monsters including the fey-touched Shamblers and the Pumpkin King himself!
  • 6 New Magic Items!
  • Rules for a new way to run encounters: Trials
  • Links to our World Anvil portal with tons of free stuff!
  • And an entire evening of fun and excitement for your players!
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